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in Digital Transformation.

Our team is built upon the foundation of an internal competence center specializing in Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). We are defined by the sum of our knowledge and experiences. Formerly known as MES Solutions by ASTOR, after six years of intense operation in the industry, we have evolved into Improvement Factory, or in short, ImFactory. This transformation is the response to the rapid development of the IT technologies market for manufacturing and the increasing demand for digital transformation in factories and plants. We are here to guide you through this change, from initial consultation to ongoing support after the transformation is complete. 

Driven by Passion

Our team comprises passionate experts in their respective fields, including engineers who specialize in IT systems for manufacturing, project managers, and consultants for technical and process consulting. The synergy of these competencies at ImFactory enables us to approach process digitalization comprehensively. We introduce improvements with dedication, with one of our goals being to enhance the value of companies. 

Digitalization Roadmap

We have extensive experience in creating Digitalization Roadmaps. This is the first step on the journey towards Digital Transformation of both manufacturing and business processes.

MES and So Much More
for Digital Manufacturing

We deliver Central IT Systems for Manufacturing. Our areas of expertise include Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), as well as systems for Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS), and IT integration systems through Enterprise Service Bus. 

AVEVA MES Competence Center

Since 2021, we have been at the forefront of MES market development in Central and Eastern Europe as the AVEVA MES Competence Center. 

Our Clients

Among our satisfied clients, we serve companies across a diverse range of industries, including food, consumer packaged goods (CPG), pharmaceuticals, automotive, and manufacturers of construction materials.

Passion for MES and IT in Industry

Our mission is to elevate the value of manufacturing enterprises by preparing and guiding teams through the transition to digital manufacturing.

Grzegorz Purzycki

ImFactory CEO

I firmly believe that what we do at ImFactory, both in terms of development and preparation for change, represents the future of manufacturing IT systems. With our solutions, every manufacturing company can achieve ambitious goals. That’s why our mission is to support business owners and operation teams in preparing for and executing transformations, and then maintaining the results upon completion. 

Jacek Daukszewicz

Member of the Board/ Head of Investment Implementation Department

We take pride in collaborating with AVEVA to establish a specialized competence center dedicated to MES development and implementation. AVEVA, a global leader in industrial software, is renowned for its technologically advanced solutions across various sectors. Meanwhile, our teams are dedicated to designing, developing and tailoring MES solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients. Together, we bring the Digital Factory to life, putting the optimization of manufacturing processes, improved operational efficiency, and enhanced production control at your fingertips. 

Pillars of Our Values

Support for digitalization programs, technical and process consulting

  • Professional assessment of the company’s current state 
  • Selection of solutions that align with the client’s genuine needs 
  • Preparing the client for change

Central IT Systems for manufacturing

  • In-depth expertise in transitioning business processes to IT environments 
  • Seamless system integration 
  • Adherence to best project practices 
  • Execution of challenging installations 

Managed services

  • Creating a vision and long-term development program 
  • Ongoing client support post-transformation

We apply an iterative consulting approach, shaping the system step by step to fully comprehend our clients' needs, assist them with challenges, and support in exploring new possibilities. Our guidance focuses on enhancing productivity and efficiency, making informed decisions based on accurate information, and aligning priorities with the company's capabilities while striving to enhance them.

20+ years
of experience

200+ digitalization projects

The first AVEVA™ MES Competence Center in CEE

Why Choose Us?

We blend our wealth of knowledge and experience with cutting-edge digital solutions for manufacturing. What sets us apart is our extensive experience working with world-class manufacturing software by AVEVA (formerly known as Wonderware) in the domestic market. 

We understand the critical importance for manufacturing companies to continually adapt to evolving market conditions. 

We concentrate on supporting process improvement and digitization wherever it brings benefits. 

We bridge the gap between data technologies and the processes driven by that data. 

We define, describe, and assess the profitability of implementing specific technologies within our consulting approach.  

We have teams specialized in Digital Consulting, Project Management, Development, Managed Services. 

We help enterprises enhance their operations and navigate them through Digital Transformation. 

We expand our knowledge. We have earned the trust of our clients, partners and suppliers. Partnerships with ASTOR and AVEVA enable us to grow together and gain insights into advanced manufacturing technologies.