Convenient reporting and data analysis

Data aggregation from many different sources in the enterprise, their processing and presentation in graphical or tabular form using a web browser. It enables automatic reporting of predefined, key business indicators for the entire organization or narrow areas or individual machines.

1.Analytical dashboards

ImPortal as the command center of the organization

Group your reports and create analytical dashboards for managers and employees. Monitor all the most important indicators in one place.


Decide on data visibility

You don’t need to create multiple reports for different users. It is enough to use the available templates, in which we will define who can use them and what data will be available according to their permissions.


Separation of the analytical and operational base

Possibility to generate reports from data processing and collecting systems, e.g. industrial databases, SCADA, MES, ERP etc.


ImPortal Server

It is a central storage location for the system configuration used by client applications.

Website client application

A universal client application for viewing aggregated reports.

Administration panel

After logging in as an administrator, you can fully configure the system. Creating a structure, users, user groups, defining access rights, configuring dashboards.

ImPortal report server

Integrated tool for creating, configuring and sharing single reports (charts and / or tables). Created reports can be “embedded” in dashboards of the ImPortal system as well as in other applications.

Features of the solution

ImPortal is a simple, lightweight and flexible reporting and analytical portal.

Versatility and flexibility

The ability to read data from any database systems, incl. from other ImFactory products

Modern technology and responsiveness

The system is made in modern web application technology. Available in a browser on any device.

Readable information structure

Freely configurable information structure in the form of a “tree-view”. The structure may reflect the company’s resource structure, the logical structure of information (types of reports) or it may be organized in a mixed manner


Each element of the structure is associated with a repetitive or object-specific set of reports, i.e. a dashboard

Reports – Charts

Ability to use a wide range of graphs, including: line, bar, vertical and horizontal, spectrum and other mixed graphs

Reports – Tables

Data can also be presented in freely configurable tables.

ImPortal benefits

Reporting and analytical systems enable the integration of data from many different sources, thanks to which it is possible to achieve a new perspective on the environment in which we operate.

Easy access to the most important data enables faster decision making

Convenient report handling

A broad view of aggregated data

Information available on-line

One system for the entire organization

Automatic data reporting

Typical ImPortal Benefits


Reports provide access to relevant data and support decision-making and monitoring of specific goals


Clear and easier-to-read charts or other visualizations as well as access via a web browser or mobile application enable a simple, convenient and quick way to analyze data


The most important information in one portal. No need to use different analysis programs as well as data portability as they are downloaded and made available automatically


Regardless of the place, time and source of data, we have access to current information from production or another area


All authorized users have access to the data (Production level, Operational level, Management level)


Save time and reduce the risk of errors when creating an analysis manually thanks to the automation of the reporting process

Jerzy Gęba
Jerzy Gęba
Main ImGO Architect

ImPortal was created out of the need to access a simple and light, but flexible tool that allows users to effectively provide them with all reporting and analytical information about the operation of their production systems in a readable form that varies depending on the type of information.

The environment of solutions for a production organization, which includes both organizational improvement methods and IT tools and systems that support them, allowing to direct changes in the developing enterprise.

Specialized modules for AVEVA MES

A system of digital and mobile information flow as well as reporting to support the processes considering walking around dispersed objects or supervision of resources at the production facility.
A tool that enables improving the efficiency of production resources through advanced diagnostics of machine availability.
An IT indicator analytical and reporting system, as well as a set of trainings and workshops supporting the preparation and implementation of changes in the organization, consisting in the implementation and digitization (or optimization of the existing) indicator system.
A flexible reporting and analytical portal supporting tools from the ImFactory group.
A comprehensive solution based on standard APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) software as well as process optimization and strengthening team competences.

What do we deliver to our clients? How are we operating?

  • We diagnose / verify the needs of the organization
  • We select appropriate organizational and technical solutions, model changes and evaluate the profitability of an investment in a solution
  • We prepare people in the organization for change (consultations, workshops, training)
  • We implement technical solutions
  • We support the maintenance and development of organizational and technical changes

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About us

ImFactory is a business unit within the ASTOR Group operating on the basis of AVEVA software, which offers ready-made IT solutions and creates customized solutions. ImFactory coordinates projects based on experience and many years of practice.


In addition, it works with the involvement of integrators and substantive partners such as: XTECH, which is the creator of advanced IT technologies and the virtual xtech ™ platform, which supports entrepreneurs and buyers by connecting suppliers with specialists looking for products, services and training in a given industry. It operates in 10 specialized industries, associating up to 90% of suppliers from a given industry.

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  • How to obtain real and reliable data on manufacturing processes.
  • How to monitor and increase production efficiency.
  • How to reduce or eliminate the circulation of paper documents in production.
  • How to ensure compliance with industry standards, requirements, and legal regulations.
  • How to provide a flexible and scalable IT environment for a growing business.
  • How to integrate production with the ERP system.
  • How to lower the costs of owning multiple diverse IT solutions in production.
  • How to support the process of change and adaptation of new technologies within the organization.
  • How to effectively plan and schedule production.
  • How to conduct migration of old, unsupported, and unsafe legacy systems.

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    Within 1 business day, an account manager will call you.

    At the scheduled time, you will meet with our consultant remotely

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    The Free Consultation Process:

    Complete and submit the form provided on the website.

    Within 1 business day, an account manager will call you.

    At the scheduled time, you will meet with our consultant remotely.