Unlocking the Power of the OEE for Production Optimization

Unlocking the Power of the OEE for Production Optimization
In the era of increasing prices of commodities and equipment, companies strive to stay competitive. They require fast and reliable access to information, especially on the losses occurring in manufacturing processes.

Management by fact, i.e. based on data, not assumptions or predictions, guarantees real control in manufacturing plants. However, analyzing raw manufacturing data can be challenging and highly time-consuming. Here, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) come to the rescue. This array of indicators presents data in a readable and user-friendly way by putting information in the context, which makes discovering and diagnosing inefficiencies significantly faster. One of the most widely used indicators in manufacturing is the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

In the following webinar: “The OEE Indicator – All You Need to Know to Start Optimizing Production” , you’ll find the answer to the pivotal questions about the OEE:

  • What exactly does the OEE measure and what are its variations?
  • What isn’t OEE?
  • What affects the OEE and how to define its factors ?
  • How to collect the data for the OEE?
  • How to analyze and efficiently utilize the information on the OEE level ?

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