With ImFactory Into the Digital Future

With ImFactory Into the Digital Future

27 Years of Improving Industrial Software

It has been 27 years since the beginning of our collaboration with Wonderware – now part of AVEVA, the global brand specializing in software for industry.

Throughout this time, Wonderware – and now AVEVA – has become the leading HMI/SCADA provider on the Polish market, reaching the market share of 30%. The main products that we provide and sell in this segment are AVEVA InTouch, System Platform, and from 2020 AVEVA Plant SCADA (formerly CITECT) as well as AVEVA Edge (formerly InduSoft). With these, we have the strongest HMI/SCADA product portfolio in Poland.

Within this period we have built a network of over 100 AVEVA software integrators, with about a dozen companies certified directly by AVEVA.

MES Direction

During the last 15 years, we have learnt that the market of MES systems, i.e. manufacturing management and ERP integration, is a highly specialized area. Most projects are commissioned by large international companies, which requires business consulting and working with corporate structures, in order to ensure optimal project implementation. From understanding the needs to working out the details on the appearance, functionality and system operation, direct and close cooperation with AVEVA is of the essence.

We had developed our competencies in the Gdańsk branch, where several members of the ASTOR team had specialized in consulting and MES project management. For about 5 years we had worked as MES Solutions by ASTOR. The team’s high expertise was noticed and appreciated by AVEVA. In 2021, together we built the concept of AVEVA MES Competence Center, with its goal to support the development of MES market and AVEVA MES license purchase in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE region).

Transforming Into ImFactory

We would like to work for you in this very model, providing MES solutions in Poland and outside its borders. To implement this strategic initiative, we have created an independent brand, InFactory, and ASTOR subsidiary, Improvement Factory Sp. z o.o, located in Gdańsk. The company’s CEO and managing director is Grzegorz Purzycki, commercial services are provided by our sales departments, and our tech team in Kraków head office is in charge of technical support and workshops.

ASTOR Distribution

When it comes to distributing HMI/SCADA systems, Control Room, AVEVA (formerly Wonderware) media monitoring systems, we continuously work as ASTOR: our sales departments provide commercial services, and our tech team in Kraków head office is in charge of technical support and workshops.

Future of MES With AVEVA

Creating AVEVA MES Competence Center CEE is part of our international development strategy. After the establishment of Kawasaki Robotics CEE Hub, this is the next step outside the borders of Poland. In the MES systems area, we are taking this step together with AVEVA. And we are looking forward to our active collaboration.

Jarosław Gracel

Work That is Passion

It was only ten years ago when a few members of the ASTOR Gdańsk team, fascinated by digital transformation with MES systems, provided consulting for several Polish branches of international companies. A lot has changed since then.

In the last six years, ASTOR’s branch in Gdańsk has grown to become a team of around a dozen people, passionate about digital transformation of manufacturing processes. By improving these processes, as well as providing technical and process consulting, we enable manufacturers (our Clients) to raise the value of their companies.

With ImFactory Into the Digital Future

This is how we created the internal MES systems competence center in Astor – MES Solutions by ASTOR. Today, in the era of great technological development, we are taking the next step. Central IT Systems for Production that we currently provide include: MES – Manufacturing Execution Systems, APS – Advance Planning and Scheduling systems, and IT system integration (Enterprise Service Bus).

Passion for MES and IT for Industry

Along with renaming the team to Improvement Factory (ImFactory), we are becoming AVEVA MES Competence Center. Our goal is to develop the MES systems market in Central and Eastern Europe. AVEVA (formerly Wonderware) is the world leader and global provider of industrial software, with over 2 million licenses delivered.

Competence Development Center

With the AVEVA partnership, as well as the MES Competence Center initiative, new possibilities arise for our teams and for ASTOR’s implementation and content partners. This will allow us to deliver digital transformation projects to individual manufacturers and large companies.

We hope for this collaboration to enable mutual development and improve expertise in advanced manufacturing processes. This is the beginning of a new digital journey.

Let’s embark on it together.

Grzegorz Purzycki
CEO, ImFactory
AVEVA MES Competence Center CEE

Digital Factory

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Digital Factory

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  • MES competencies development in end-user teams
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